Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life in the Spirit Seminar

"Renew in our day, O Lord, your wonders, as in a new Pentecost" - Pope John Paul II

The Life in the Spirit Seminar is commonly used by Catholic groups in the context of renewal in the Church.  It is an instrument for bringing people into a deeper experience of the work of the Holy Spirit. The Seminar offers the basic presentation of the Gospel and the basic teaching about what the Lord is willing to do for all who come to Him.

Presenters include: Bishop Fred Colli, Deacon John Myers, Fr. Jim Grant, Deacon Armand Danis, Fr. Terry Sawchuk, Deacon Bob and Debbie Debesys and Rita and Don Randle. 

Themes: God's Love, Salvation, New Life, Receiving God's Gifts, Growth, and Transformation in Christ.

Includes: Prayer, Songs of Praise, Teachings, Small group discussion.

Benefits: To begin, renew, or deepen a relationship with Jesus; Fuller participation in parish life; Greater appreciation of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation; Deeper prayer life; Increased study of scripture.

The Life in the Spirit Seminar will be held at our parish on the weekend of Friday, November 2, to Sunday, November 4.  No cost. Free will offering.  Register by Friday, October 12.  For further information/to register, please contact Linda at 620-6364 or