Friday, January 20, 2012

To restore all things in Christ...

This statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (pictured below) was acquired at a small-town shop in the Ottawa Valley.  It was in fairly rough condition and stood in need of some serious restoration.

On the base of the statue was a small memorial plaque which read: "Gift of Miss Georgina Hopkins, Mother Constantia's Sister, 1915".  Likely gifted to a convent or religious house, it has probably put on the miles over the years. The statue has been recently restored and has happily made our church its most recent home.

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
( John Henry Cardinal Newman)

Most sacred, most loving Heart of Jesus, you are concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and you beat for us still. 

Now, as then, you say: "With desire I have desired."  I worship you with all my best love and awe, with fervent affection, with my most subdued, most resolved will. 

For a while you take up your abode within me.  O make my heart beat with your Heart!  Purify it of all that is earthly, all that is proud and sensual, of all perversity, of all disorder. 

So fill it with you, that neither the events of the day, nor the circumstances of the time, may have the power to ruffle it; but that in your love and your fear, it may have peace.   Amen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parish Winter Fun Day...

Parish Winter Fun Day
 Sunday, January 22, 2012

Register now for an afternoon of sleigh rides, tobogganing and winter fun and a church chilli supper.  The fun begins at 2 PM at the Highland Draft Farm and will wrap up in time to make it back to the church for a chilli supper at 5:30 PM.  There is no cost to attend, though a free-will offering may be made at the chilli supper.

Please contact the parish office or write your name on the sign-up sheet in the church vestibule to register.  Please also indicate whether you plan to take part in both events (farm and supper) or only one.

If car pooling is required please contact Lucie at 622-8219. Own toboggans must be brought for the toboggan hill. Hot chocolate and donuts will be available at the farm chalet at no cost for hungry critters.  Anyone willing to volunteer with chilli, dinner prep, or baking please call Lucie at 622-8219.
(The farm address is 700 Hunt Road, RR#1 Kakabeka Falls.  Contact # 475-0528).