Friday, June 15, 2012

A Mass Movement...

The last thing many of us probably want to see is another basement, but for the weekend of June 16 and 17, our weekend Masses will be held in the basement of the church.  The reason for the move is because of the ongoing restoration of the sanctuary floor. 

Over the past week, the construction team has been hard at work restoring the floor to it's original hardwood.  The project is almost complete, but a little more time is needed for some finishing touches, to let the fumes fade and to get some dusting done.  For the next weekend, we can look forward to things coming back to normal!

Removing the remnants of carpet.

Sanding and reframing underway...

An Outpouring of Generousity...

The recent flooding that has affected so many residents of the city has at the same time unleashed a flood of another kind: an amazing outpouring of thoughtfulness and generousity from individuals, groups and businesses from the city and beyond.  It would be hard to catalogue the number of those who called or stopped by the church over the past couple of weeks to offer support and assistance to the flood relief effort.  It is good to see that such kindness and practical concern is alive and well.  May it continue to live on long after the flood of 2012 is a mere memory!  With thanks to all for your prayers and support!

The picture of  "Jesus walking on Water"
being rescued from the flooded rectory basement.

A message worth remembering: "Thunder Bay has a Giant Heart" and "Proud to be an East Ender."

Shrine and Dine...

The month of May was brought to its fitting finale with the blessing of a parishioner's newly completed Marian shrine (pictured below).

In line with the great Catholic tradition, the ceremony of blessing was promptly followed by the appropriate festivities, feasting and fine fellowship.

Looking Back... our Living Rosary Service

Thank you to all who helped organize and take part in our Penetecost Sunday Living Rosary Service!
The service was a great success - a full complement of 'pray-ers' for the rosary and many other friends and guests joining in as well.  We can marvel again at how the Holy Spirit continues to draw peoples from every nation, language and culture together in one Faith.

"You are the light of the world..."

Members of the CWL getting in formation for the first decade.

Throw out your NETs for a catch...

Pictured below are members of NET (National Evangelization Team) Canada, who recently enjoyed an stay at our parish while en route to Ottawa to wrap up their year of service.  Through NET, young Catholics dedicate nearly a year to witnessing to the Gospel among other youth and parish communities.  The team pictured below had just completed ministering and evangelizing in the community of Medicine Hat, Alberta.  To find out more about NET, visit .