Friday, June 15, 2012

An Outpouring of Generousity...

The recent flooding that has affected so many residents of the city has at the same time unleashed a flood of another kind: an amazing outpouring of thoughtfulness and generousity from individuals, groups and businesses from the city and beyond.  It would be hard to catalogue the number of those who called or stopped by the church over the past couple of weeks to offer support and assistance to the flood relief effort.  It is good to see that such kindness and practical concern is alive and well.  May it continue to live on long after the flood of 2012 is a mere memory!  With thanks to all for your prayers and support!

The picture of  "Jesus walking on Water"
being rescued from the flooded rectory basement.

A message worth remembering: "Thunder Bay has a Giant Heart" and "Proud to be an East Ender."